”I have always been drawn to the order of a grid. I am intrigued by how a simple form such as a box can accumulate to create something that is no longer a rigid form but an organic undulating form.”-Lee Heekin

                  Contemporary artist Lee Heekin explores issues of confinement across a variety of subjects and diverse processes; she uses wood, wax, resin, oil and acrylic and cyanotype.  These materials help her explore the tension between accepting and defying boundaries in a tangible, tactile and interactive way. Heekin transforms the inanimate objects into a sculptural relief that is no longer a rigid object; but instead a sculptural balance between materials that create and invite a new perspective. Heekin uses the repetition of simple lines, forms and shapes to create dynamic and playful sculpture. 

 Lee Heekin, has been surrounded by art for as long as she can remember. Her early exposure to galleries, fine art and museums around the world by her Art Historian Mother, helped shape her constant love of art. Lee received her MFA from Pratt Art Institute in New York in 2008 and graduated with distinction in Fine Arts from Kenyon College in 2001. Lee has taught studio art for 13 years and has shown her work in and around New York, CT, Georgia, Massachusetts, Long Island, North Carolina, and Colorado. A Brooklyn transplant, Heekin currently lives and works in her studio in Boulder, CO. She continues to exhibit her work and is represented by Walker Fine Art Gallery in Denver, CO.